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Why Choose GetChauffeured

We’re not about trying to twist your arm. We’re not about trying to convince you what you’re missing. Let’s just say that if you’re looking for a smart alternative to taxis or self-drive vehicle hire, chauffeur driven car hire takes some beating. It’s all in the experience. We like to think once chauffeured, forever driven! Well, perhaps not. But chauffeur car hire is in a different league.

Of course, our luxury vehicles are part of the experience, but only part. You enjoy a high level of comfort. Cabins that shield you from the outside world, comfortable leather seating and a ride that is so refined you may even forget you’re in a car at all. But really that’s just for starters.

The success of our chauffeur service is down to the chauffeurs themselves. If you’re a first time user of a chauffeur service there is no need to be shy. Our chauffeurs will put you at ease while taking care of the management of your journey. From carrying luggage, to finding the best short cuts, our chauffeurs will make sure your journey is relaxed and that you arrive on time. There really is nothing that compares.

Just imagine the alternatives. Let’s suppose you’re organising some corporate entertainment for a key client. You have chosen to take the client to your box at Old Trafford. Now you could let everyone in the client party make their own way to the ground, but offering to chauffeur your guests to the ground and back home ensures everyone can enjoy the evening fully. And that’s good for business.

Alternatively you might be organising a birthday party or hen night in Manchester or London.  Using a chauffeur to take people to multiple venues or drive people home, makes for a more enjoyable evening.  Your guests won’t have to worry about drinking and driving or leaving early to catch the last bus or train home.

Our chauffeur service has other uses too. More and more flights are departing at odd times. Whether for business or a family holiday, putting your faith in cab can be stressful. Using the services of one of our chauffeur driven cars allows you to start relaxing the minute you lock your front door. And of course our chauffeur driven luxury saloons are perfect for weddings.  Add a bit of extra glamour to the big day, and leave getting to the church on time to someone else!

Now truthfully, taxi’s are cheaper. Just.  But for not much more money you could hire your own chauffeur and luxury vehicle allowing you and your associates to get more out of your special occasion.

Get Chauffeured provide an efficient and friendly service, collecting and returning our guests and colleagues from the airport. When bringing colleagues together for meetings Get Chauffeured help in the co-ordination of collections and keep in touch the whole time to ensure that our guests are not left waiting. Get Chauffeured drivers are always smart, friendly and flexible.

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