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Our Vehicles

All our vehicles are black and the latest models

The vehicles are a key aspect of any chauffeuring service, it is after all a service that conjures images of luxury transportation.

It should be a smooth, relaxing journey with more than a touch of style. Otherwise, it is just a glorified taxi.

At GetChauffeured we have a fleet that is wholly comprised of top of the range Mercedes, the executive E Class saloon for one or two passengers and the market-leading V Class for when groups want top-end travel.

All our vehicles are bought from new and serviced regularly. You can also be assured that the vehicle you travel in will be at most three years old, our company policy is to sell every vehicle once it reaches this point in its life.

The vehicle you travel in will have been cleaned thoroughly and sanitised prior to your journey.

Cleaning to this high standard is essential now with the threat of Covid-19, but it is a stance we took even before the global pandemic. We have always taken pride in ensuring that our vehicles are spotless, as new, for each and every journey.

Why should a client towards the end of the day get any less of a service than one at the start? All clients deserve the very best.

If you have any questions about the vehicles we use, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Mercedes Saloon

Mercedes MPV

The Mercedes Saloon

The Mercedes E Class saloon is simply the best Executive Car on the market. That is not only our opinion, it is a view that is shared industry wide.

The E Class is a multiple winner, this including the AutoExpress Executive Car of the Year. Often when you see awards mentioned it will be from years ago, still relevant but perhaps implying there is now a better car.

The AutoExpress Award is from a month ago, we are writing this late in 2020 and it is the 2020 award, presented in October. The E Class is the very best vehicle for executive transport right.

We cannot sum up the appeal of the E Class any better than the award judges, who stated.

“If you were going to list the key attributes any executive saloon needed to posses, it would read like a checklist for the new Mercedes E-Class: style, space, comfort and an element of luxury, efficiency, performance and technology.”

The E Class is rated so highly because it is a pleasure for passengers – as with other executive vehicles it is great to drive, but this is of less importance to clients.

What matters is that it dampens bumps, it provides a smooth ride and it has connectivity to match any rival.

In the E Class it is possible to sit back and relax, perhaps after a flight or ahead of a big day or crucial meeting, however you can also work efficiently in what is close to an office on wheels.

The Mercedes V Class

All too often, group transportation is a tired people carrier, many years old and in a slightly shabby state from so many big outings.

A modern Mercedes V Class as a chauffeur service changes this, it enables a group of friends, family or colleagues to travel in luxury and arrive in style, rather than falling out of sliding doors at the end of the journey.

Every passenger has a spacious, fully adjustable leather seat and enough leg and elbow room to fully stretch out.

As you would expect of a modern Mercedes vehicle, the finish is unsurpassed. Music, should you want it, is delivered through Burmsester surround sound speakers, entertainment powered by the MBUX infotainment system.

The attention to detail is incredible – from the central console with integral refrigerated compartment to the innovative design of the luxury centre console.

From a passenger’s perspective, this is what matters more than the driving experience, superb though that is.

On the interior, Top Gear led their review with a single world. Lovely.

They compare the V-Class to the S-Class, this demonstrating that the same levels of luxury interior apply across the Mercedes executive range.

Luxury Chauffeur

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